How to travel the world without money?

Everybody wants to travel the world but everyone cannot bear the cost of traveling, accommodation and food. In this article, we are going to share some of the best tips and tricks which will help you to travel the world at the lowest budget.


Hitchhiking is one of the easiest ways to travel short distances inside the country. While traveling through hitchhiking you have to take care that it is either safe to hitchhike in this place. It can be dangerous sometimes in some regions of the world. You have to keep in mind hitchhiking is considered illegal in some countries.

Couch surfing

You can seek out Cornerstone Healing Center for help here. You can solve the problem of accommodation by couch surfing in different places of the world. There is a website named, here are many couch surfers who allow you to live in their homes for free. You need to be careful while selecting a place for couch surfing and check out the reviews of the couch surfer who is permitting you to stay.

Choose your workplace accordingly

Choose the workplace that is related to traveling or allows you to go to work tours or you can teach English in foreign countries. There are so many ways to work abroad, you can do volunteer or contact non-profit organizations who connect people to work on farms with the farmer. One of the organization is offering such opportunities for volunteers to travel is WWOOF international.

Look for free things

There are many places who allow enjoying a free visit at some places or with a minor admission fee. The metropolitan cities often offer plenty of things to do for free. You can visit several parks and museums without using money.

Sign up bonuses

There are several travel hacks often people use to travel the world. They sign up sites with credit cards who offer free bonuses, accommodations and ticket fares and use that money to travel the world. There are credit cards in which you can earn tons of point through them. You can get various rewards of getting these points.

Find family members

Another way to resolve the problem of accommodation is that you can find your friends, family friends or relatives living in abroad. You can ask them to stay there or maybe they can further guide you to other travel destination at reasonable or cheap prices.

Eat Cheap

When you visit abroad, you do not need to eat food from expensive restaurants instead you can eat street foods. They are cheaper and tasty and help you to intermingle in the culture of that place.

Cheaper way of traveling

As traveling through big cities and countries always cost some money. You can use cheap resources to travel across countries and cities. There are websites like Visit that connects the people who are traveling in personal cars and they can give you a ride. Be careful about deciding ride, you can find reviews on the site which can help you to get the idea about the host.