Eco-friendly Travel Tips for all Types of Travelers

The goal of performing eco-friendly activities may sound difficult to achieve, especially when you are in a new country or city. These activities include less use of plastic, fuel saving, and local conservation programmes. However, by simply following some simple tips, you can cast a positive impact on the environment.

A few of these tips are clearly explained below. Just read them and make your journey eco-friendly and memorable one.

Look for an Eco-Friendly Hotel/Hostel

Before traveling to your tourist destination, make sure to do some research regarding an eco-friendly place to live i.e hostel or hotel. You can find various living places that have different grading and approval seals for being eco-friendly accommodation.

You may also get an idea that how environment-friendly a hotel is by identifying its in-house sustainability initiatives, use of energy efficient appliances or recycling program, etc.

Try to Bring Reusable Utensils With You

Use of disposable glasses and plates is the major cause of plastic waste pollution. Hence, you should bring with you all the necessary reusable items. This means that you must include a water bottle, steel glasses or coffee mugs. In this way, you can play a specific role to minimize the chances of increasing carbon traits.

Be a Part of Local Conservation Efforts

It doesn’t matter whether you are visiting a city or natural habitat around such a city, you can still support local conservation services. For instance, you may choose a travel guide company, which offers a specific amount of its earning towards conservation of specific animal or plant species.

When going out the in wilderness, make sure not to interfere with the local vegetation or animals. Moreover, before leaving, try to clear almost every trace of your visit and give a refined look to such a place.

Carbon Offset

Even if you observe all the rules of eco-friendly regimen at home, it is quite difficult to stay green when at a new place. In fact, the moment you start traveling towards your destination, you are actually expanding the carbon footprint. The aviation industry, for instance, is responsible for releasing almost 2% of all carbon emissions. So if possible, you can use other less pollutant travel options. In addition, use cycle or walk when you want to reach a nearby area.

Prefer Public Transportation

Apart from a cheap way to commute, traveling via public transport also reduces carbon footprints. For instance, if 100 people are using a bus to reach a destination, the carbon emission of such a bus will be way less than a situation when all these people are using their own vehicles.

Therefore, keep all the information regarding bus or metro routes. This will also allow you to explore most of the interesting parts of a city. You may spend less money as well as reduce the carbon footprint by following this tip.


Although these tips will serve to reduce a tiny fraction of carbon emission, you will be doing what you are responsible to do. This will give you a satisfaction that you are playing an active role while saving the earth, its habitat and of course the humanity.